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Stock/Share Market Research & Analysis

Solid research has been one of the pillars of LKP Securities over the last many years and along with customer trust and technology, research has been one of the biggest focus areas at LKP Securities. Equity research is a lot more complicated as it needs to combine quantitative and qualitative factors. At the fundamental analysis level you have industry dynamics, macroeconomic dynamics, sectoral cycles, cash flow projections, valuations and all these make the process of equity research a lot more dynamic. Then this needs to be fine-tuned by helping the client to identify the levels of entry and exit where technical charts come in handy. The stock market research and analysis section of LKP Securities is a veritable storehouse of trading and investment research. It is designed to cater to all kinds of participants in the stock markets…

Research – catering to short term traders…

For short term swing traders LKP securities offers a regular analysis of daily equity and F&O trends. The daily equity report covers the key news, global data points, domestic data points, fund flows etc. The report also covers some of the key sentiment indicators like the High/Low ratio, the Advance / Decline ratio, delivery share etc. Equity trading reports also relies heavily on charts and technical indicators for identifying buying and selling opportunities based on short term trend shifts. The daily derivatives report is an important part of stock market research & analysis and identifies futures for trading and underpriced options for buying. The derivatives report also uses the key derivatives data like OI shifts, PCR shifts and IV shifts to take a view on the market levels as a whole.

Research – catering to long term investors…

The beauty of equities lies in its ability to create wealth in the long term. Long term wealth creation requires two attributes viz. solid quality research ideas and a long term holding perspective. LKP Research provides a variety of investment ideas for those who are looking to create wealth in the long run. There are quarterly LKP reports that capture the larger trends and identify a portfolio of stocks for outperforming the market indices like the Nifty and the Sensex. Share market research & analysis is largely about company reports. Company reports call for a very detailed understanding of sector dynamics, company level entry barriers, the competitive scenario, ability of the company to monetize an advantage, expected growth, expected returns on equity etc. All these attributes are encapsulated in the company reports brought out by LKP Securities. In a nutshell, the LKP long term research helps you to identify quality stocks that are likely to outperform the markets.

Research – special events coverage…

LKP Research also has a dedicated research that covers key events like Union Budgets, credit policies, key policy level announcements, legislative amendments etc. These special events could have special significance for sectors and specific companies. These dynamics are effectively captured by LKP Research in their special events Share Markets research & analysis. The page is a veritable goldmine of insights and research for you.

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