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Indian Stock/Share Market Research & Analysis

A standard question you will encounter in the stock market is, “Where is the Nifty or Sensex headed”? While this may sound like a very casual question, at LKP Securities we do believe that this question does have an answer and that the answer can be given on a more scientific basis. Indian stock market research & analysis has smartly evolved over the last 25 years as customers have become increasingly demanding. Therefore at LKP Securities, “Market kya lagta hai” is not just a casual question but a question that deserves a systematic response. The Market research overview is intended to answer this question…

Two research rules at LKP Securities…

At LKP Securities the entire equity research activity is driven by two key rules as under:
Rule 1: View on the market is a combination of macros and micros; fundamentals and technicals; top-down and bottom-up and equity and derivatives. Hence it is essential to take a holistic view on the market to form an appropriate trading view
Rule 2: Specific stocks can be identified as investment candidates with in-depth research. A good stock does not necessarily require a supportive market and that is where incisive and a 360 degree investment perspective comes in handy.

Gamut of Research at LKP Securities…

Different traders and investors have different requirements in the market and our research is crafted to meet the specific needs of each of these categories of traders and investors. Here are the 4 broad categories of traders and investors that the LKP Research specifically addresses.

  • The equity trader is one who looks for small moves in the market and tries to trade with momentum in their favour. This enables them to churn their money more quickly and more profitably. The morning notes and the LKP Bytes are useful in helping these equity traders take appropriate positions in the market.
  • The derivative traders are looking to leverage their positions with futures and also adopt low-risk strategies like options buying. LKP research focuses on futures spread, basis, pivot points to set stop losses and profit targets, underpriced options, overpriced options, OI shifts etc. These are useful data points in trading futures options in a more systematic manner.
  • Then there are the long term investors who focus on good ideas and holding on to stocks for the long-term. They are the investors with a wealth creating preference. LKP Research has company notes, quarterly reports, stock portfolios and detailed reports to cater to these customers who are looking at a long term view.
  • Special events traders are those who work on the momentum of special events, mergers, acquisitions, announcements etc. LKP has research that is focused on key global announcements, global and domestic events, legislative changes, Union Budget etc. These are helpful to play the event-related momentum.
In a nutshell LKP Securities has a research coverage that begins with a market overview and drills down into specific stocks.

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