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NSE/BSE Top Gainers & Losers, Stock Market Live in India

The top gainers and losers on any day represent the stocks in which there is momentum. When stocks gains or lose they tell a story and therefore before understanding these stories it is essential to understand which are the top gainers and top losers. NSE/BSE top gainers & losers are covered as a separate item with analytics on LKP Securities. When you want to understand stock market live in India, you need to understand the stocks that are pushing the markets up and the stocks that are pressuring the stocks down.

NSE/BSE Top Gainers & Losers – Coverage on LKP Securities…

Before taking a trading position, one of the starting points for most traders is to see the stocks that have consistent momentum in their favour and stocks that have momentum going against them. At LKP Securities you can actually analyse gainers and losers along the following broad criteria…

  • It is possible to sort gainers and losers on the basis of the stock exchange. You can either view the gainers and losers on the BSE or on the NSE. Obviously, BSE will be more suitable if you are looking at small and mid cap stocks as the stock coverage is much larger. Of course not all gainers are good and not all gainers are bad. That is the basic principle.
  • You can also sort the gainers and losers based on different time frames. Currently, you can sort the gainers and losers over a 1-day, 1-week and 1-month time frame. This has two important implications. By comparing the 3 time frames you can easily make out where the momentum is. Normally, if stocks have momentum in their favour then they would be among the top gainers in all the 3 time frames. Avoid stocks that are too volatile over the 3 time frames.
  • Lastly, you can also drill down deeper into sub-classifications of the market. You can check gainers and losers for the market as a whole. But you can also look at specific themes like large caps, mid caps, small caps, commodities etc. You can also check for gainers and losers across sectors like banking, pharma, capital goods, IT etc. When you look at these gainers and losers across sectors you can identify emerging sectoral trends.

What to watch out for when evaluating gainers and losers…

A few basic points are to be noted. Not all gainers are good and not all losers are bad. Secondly, check out the volumes of gainers and losers. Any trend with thin volumes is either deceptive or it is not sustainable. Thirdly, gainers and losers are just triggers and you need to look at underlying fundamentals and technicals before taking an investment view or a trading call on the stock.

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