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Online Forex Trading, Currency Trading India

For a very long time there were limited options for small traders and small businesses to trade in currencies. The only currency market was the rupee forward market which was essentially an inter-bank market. These were forwards and not exchange traded futures. Only exporters and importers could indirectly hedge their dollar exposure through their banks. So an importer would buy forward dollar to protect against rupee depreciation while an exporter would typically sell forward dollars to protect against rupee appreciation.

The advent of currency futures in India…

In fact, currency futures trading on the stock exchanges started less than 10 years ago. The currencies are tradable in currency pairs and one can trade hard currencies like the dollar, Yen, Pound and the Euro. Of course, LKP offers you a much larger palate through its membership of the DGCX, Dubai. LKP offers online forex trading on the NSE and the Metropolitan Stock Exchange and the trades can be executed in the normal trading account itself within the limits specified by the exchanges and the RBI from time to time. Currency trading in India has become a lot simpler after the advent of currency trading as it enables you to hedge your currency risk through the exchange mechanism itself. Being an exchange product, these currency futures are guaranteed by the clearing corporation and hence there is no counterparty risk.

Currency Trading Section on LKP Securities…

The currency trading section on LKP contains curated information to enable you to do online forex trading in a more systematic and intelligent way. The section combines news, price movements, international triggers and specific currency dynamics to give you a 360 degree view of the currency market. You can also read up a host of relevant news and event analysis that can help you take a more informed decision on currencies. Above all, remember that online forex trading can be used for taking a view on currencies and hedging risk. Here is how currency trading in India works…

How currency trading in India actually works…

You can use your existing equity trading account for trading in currencies too. Let us look at two different situations and see how to trade through the currency futures market in India…
Situation 1: Your view is that India could hike interest rates which could lead to greater FII flows into debt. That means the INR will get stronger and the Dollar will get weaker. You can play this view by selling the dollar pair at 67/$ and buy it back when the INR appreciates to 65/$. The minimum lot size is $1000 and you make a profit of Rs.2 in this trade.
Situation 2: You have to pay the fees for your daughter’s US University in dollars at the end of 3 months. You are worried that the dollar may become stronger. You can hedge your risk by buying the dollar pair.
Your online forex account helps you to trade currencies and the LKP currency page empowers you with curated information and insights.


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