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BSE NSE Stock Prices 5 Days Up and Down, Stock Market Price Analysis

If you open the stock price page of any business newspaper you will find a detailed analysis of stocks that have been up consistently for 5 days. Normally, when a stock is consistently up for 5 days in succession then it is a clear indication that there is a build-up of buying interest in the stock. Similarly, when a stock is down for 5 days in succession, it is indicative of some fault lines in the stock performance as a result of which traders are unwinding their long positions. 5 Days up and 5 days down are just an analytical tool. They are not to be directly applied to investment decisions or trading decisions. They should be used purely as trigger points to help you take larger decisions on what to buy and what to sell. At best this can be starting point…

BSE NSE Stock Prices 5 days up and down…

An important part of stock market price analysis at LKP Securities is the focus on stocks that have been consistently up for 5 days or have been consistently down for 5 days. The assumption is that a stock would show a steady trend for 5 days only if there is a larger story underlying the trend. It is not often that stocks move 25-30% in a week with a consistent trend on each of the trading days. There is obviously something that the market knows which most traders and investors do not know about. Therefore it becomes a starting point for drilling deeper.

Sectoral filter on LKP Securities…

On LKP Securities, this 5-day up and 5-day down trend can be broken up into sectoral stories. Are you finding fertilizer stocks hitting consistent upticks ahead of the budget? Are you seeing rate sensitive stocks hitting consistent down ticks ahead of the monetary policy announcement? Are the IT and pharma stocks on an uptick ahead of a crucial US meeting? All these indications at a sectoral level imply that there is something that you are missing out. This could be a starting point for you to delve deeper and get to the bottom of the matter.

How traders / investors can benefit from the 5-days up / down ticks…

They are a good indicator of sectoral momentum. Also for the market as a whole if you find that the number of such stocks is increasing then it indicates a strongly bullish undertone for the market at an index level. But for smart traders and incisive investors this data is a good starting point. First, focus on the sector level upticks and the down-ticks. That is where a lot of stock specific intelligence could be hidden. As prudent investors you need to be cautious of two things. Firstly, do not mistake downticks to be a signal of undervaluation. That could well be a value trap. Secondly, be cautious of stocks that show upticks backed by thin volumes. That is unlikely to be sustainable!

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