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Delivery Shockers BSE NSE, Stock Market Index Analysis

Delivery shockers NSE BSE are those stocks that show a sudden spurt in delivery volumes in a short span of time. Delivery volumes are the volumes that result in the investor either taking delivery into the demat account or giving delivery from the demat account. Like the price shockers and the volume shockers, the delivery shockers are also a critical part of Stock Market Index Analysis. The delivery shockers need to be understood and evaluated in conjunction with the price shockers and the volume shockers. If the stock turns out to be a delivery shocker along with being a volume shocker and a price shocker then it is a more credible indicator of buying interest in the stock.

Delivery Shockers at LKP Securities…

The LKP Securities website has a detailed coverage of delivery shockers. You can sort the delivery shockers on the BSE or on the NSE. Of course, the BSE will be a more reliable indicator if you are looking at mid-cap and small-cap stocks whereas the NSE will be a better barometer if you focus on large cap stocks. The LKP Securities page on delivery shockers actually juxtaposes the sharp delivery movers with the price so that you get a clear picture of the impact. The delivery quantity is considered in pure numeric terms rather than in percentage terms.

3 factors to keep in mind while analyzing delivery shockers…

Delivery shockers can be a good starting point to evaluate selected stocks. However, it is essential to keep a few basic facts in mind…
  • Ensure that the delivery shockers show a sustained spurt in delivery volumes. A one-off spurt in delivery volumes can be quite misleading and hence you need to take that with a pinch of salt. Such spurts could also be due to some occasional block deals and hence may not be indicative of a larger trend.
  • Delivery shockers should be backed by a solid story. Normally, if there is news of the particular company getting a large order or if it is likely to announce a major growth in sales or profits then such delivery shockers could have true fundamental justification. Do some diligence on the promoters and the past performance of the company too.
  • Be cautious of stocks that are extremely small cap with limited float in the market. Spurt in delivery volumes in such stocks may not really mean anything. Unless you are able to zero in on a company’s fundamentals with some reasonable degree of reliability, it is going to be difficult to purely rely on spurt in delivery volumes. You need to take that into account.
    Spurt in deliver volumes on NSE or BSE can be a good starting point. You need to apply the necessary checks and balances before using it as a trigger.

Delivery Shockers

Company Delivery Quantity
(In 000's)
Prev. Delivery Quantity
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(Actual Rs.)

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