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BSE NSE Stocks Block Deals, Stock Market Volume Analysis

Block deals are widely reported on media and are also statutorily required to be reported to the exchange. A bulk deal is normally two large institutions exchanging shares in the Block Deals segment of the exchange at a pre-determined price. The block deal window is separate from the normal window and hence nobody else can come and buy or sell shares in between. The block window also ensures privacy. If a large buyer stands with open order for a large quantity or another seller stands in the open market with a large sell quantity, then it is going to spread in the market and people will try to buy or sell and spoil the transaction. To overcome these problems, you can directly execute the shares on the Block deals window. Block window will work when the buyer and the seller are already agreed upon in advance.

Cases of some block deals in recent times…

Block deals can be executed on the block window of the BSE or the NSE and these trades get reported at the end of the day on the exchange website. But most media channels tend to report these trades the moment they are put through. Recently, there was a major block deal worth Rs.46 crore on Eicher Motors where Morgan Stanley was the seller and Societe Generale was the buyer. There was also an Rs.303 crore block deal in HDFC Bank and an Rs.160 crore block deal in Infosys. In both these cases also Morgan Stanley was the seller and Societe Generale was the buyer. Such large deals when executed in the block deal window can maintain confidentiality of the deal and also will not have any impact on the stock price.

LKP Securities – Coverage of block deals…

LKP Securities allows you to list the block deals over a longer period of time and you can filter the block deals on the BSE or on the NSE. Normally, when you assemble the data for a longer period of 1 year and then index it on company name, you get a clear idea regarding the institutional interest build up on a particular stock. Remember, block deals work both ways and there are buyers and sellers for the same stock.

What to watch out for in block deals…

More often than not, block deals are more for convenience and hence no directional indications can be read into it. However, there are two things you need to be cautious about. Firstly, you will find a lot of HNI investors and proprietary desks doing block deals in lesser know stocks. That does not indicate anything and is just an internal transfer of ownership. Secondly, be wary of block deals where the promoters or promoter group companies are sellers. That is not a very good indicator as far as the long term viability of the stock price performance is concerned. That is something to watch out for.

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