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Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding Pattern – 30.09.18
Shareholding Pattern as on 30.06.18
Shareholding Pattern as on 31.03.2018
Shareholding Pattern as on 31st December 2017
Shareholding Pattern as on 30.09.2017
shareholding pattern as on 30-06-2017
shareholding pattern as on 31-03-2017
Shareholding Pattern as on 31.12.2016
Shareholding pattern as on 03.08.2016


  • Annual
  • Quarterly
Reg 33_March end financials – 31.03.18
Annual report for the year ended 31.03.2017
Annual Report for the year ended 31.03.2016
Annual Report for the year ended 31.03.2015
Annual Report for the year ended 31.03.2014
Financial Result – September 2018
Financial Result - June 2018
Financial Results 31st December 2017
Unaudited Stanalone
Financial Results 31.03.2017
December quarter end financials 31.12.16

Corporate Governance

policy for determination of materiality of events or information
Code of Conduct To Regulate Insider Trading
Code of Fair Disclosure
Code of conduct for Board of Directors and Senior Management
Committees of Board
Crieteria for making payment to Non-executive Directors
Familarization Programme to Independent Directors
Policy for determining Material Subsidiary
Policy on Related Party Transactions
Terms and conditions for Appointment of Independent Directors
Whistle Blower Policy

Shareholders Information

Closure of Trading window
BM Notice - 30.10.18
Investor Complaint Report – 30.09.18
BSE Closure of Trading window
BSE Board Meeting Intimation
AGM Book Closure
LKPS Attendance Slip Proxy Form 2017-18
LKPS Annual Report 2017-18
LKPS Notice 2017-18
Investor Complaint Report – 30.06.18
Postponement of 24th AGM
Cancellation of Book Closure
Revised AGM Intimation
Revised Book Closure
Closure of Trading Window
Board Meeting Notice
Investor Complaint Report – 31.03.18
Investor Complaint Report – 31.12.17
Board Meeting Notice of LKP Securities
Financial Result Quarterly result – September 2017
Closure of Trading Window
Notice of Board Meeting
Closure of trading window
Board meeting intimation 4.8.17
BSE Notice of Board Meeting
Closure of Trading Window for Insider
AGM proceedings along with voting results and Scrutinizers report _24.05.17_Reg 30(6)
Notice of AGM 24.05.2017
Board meeting notice 26.04.17_Reg 29
Closure of trading window 12.04.17
BM Notice 23.01.2017
Information Memorandum
LKP newspaper Advt


Reg 30(1) &(2) as on 31.03.2017
Reg 30 of SAST_01.12.16_LKP Sec
Reg 29 of SAST_01.12.16_LKP Sec

Company Secretary

For queries related to financials statements and investor relations

Mr. Siddharth R Mehta
Assistant Company Secretary
Email Id : siddharth_mehta@lkpsec.com
Contact no: 022-43413512 / 022-66351337

Registered Office: 203,Embassy Centre,Nariman Point,Mumbai - 400021.
Tel: +91 22 4002 4785/4002 4786 Fax: +91 22 2287 4787
SEBI REG NO: NSE: INB/INF 230720030 BSE: INE010675433 MCX-SX INE260720030 NSE INE230720030
BSE SEBI Registration : INB/F010675433
In case of grievances for Securities Broking /DP write to us on grievances@lkpsec.com
For linking your Demat/trading account with Aadhaar, submit the self-attested copy
of your Aadhaar Card along with a written request signed by all the holders.

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