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IPO New Listings

The listing of an IPO is the last step in the entire IPO process chain. In fact, the actual IPO process chain gets completed when the issue is listed. From that point onwards, it trades on the secondary markets like any other normal share. Let us understand why the IPO new listings section is so important. In a nutshell, the IPO listing is the acid test of the quality of the IPO in the medium term; because short term vagaries can be deceptive. Mao Ze Dong once said that, “A cat is a good cat as long as it catches mice”. Similarly, an IPO is a good IPO as long as it gets a good listing and a good post listing performance.

How New Listings determine the nature of IPO demand…

IPO new listings have a much larger significance. From the listing company’s perspective, a good listing and post-listing performance is seen as an affirmation of the market’s faith in the stock. From the investment banker’s perspective, retail and institutional investors will be more comfortable with investment bankers where the IPOs managed by them can give a good performance post listing. Above all, the IPO new listings performance has larger ramifications for the IPO market as a whole. When IPOs are competitively priced and the post-listing performance is healthy, it provides a fillip to the entire IPO market and creates greater IPO interest among small and large investors.

Some IPO New Listings in the last 2 years…

We have seen some marquee listings in the IPO market in the last 2 years. However, not all have had stellar post-listing performances. While stocks like Avenue Supermarket (owner of D-Mart), Shankara Building Products, Dixon Technologies and Apex Frozen Foods have had a stellar post-listing performance, there are many others who have either been lacklustre or have been laggards. In fact, renowned names like New India Assurance, HDFC Life and SBI Life have seen a very tepid performance post-listing. Overall, there have been enough of positive listings to keep the retail and institutional interest in the IPO markets alive.

Making the best of the IPO New Listings Section on LKP…

The IPO New Listings section on the LKP Securities website is a quick recap of how IPO have performed post listing. This section offers details on the listing price of the stock, the High/Low price in the post-listing period as well as the real time price of the stock during trading hours. This IPO New Listings section also captures the volumes so that the investors are able to get a 360 degree view of the IPO’s performance. Additionally, the company is clickable and you can access all details pertaining to the IPO by clicking on the company name. This gives a broader view in case you want to delve deeper. The IPO New Listings section is a quick and efficient method of screening the performance of all the listed IPOs on a real-time basis.

New Listings

Company Name Listing(Date) High Price(Rs.) Low Price(Rs.) LTP(Rs.) Volume(Nos.) List Price(Rs.)

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