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Online Demat Account Opening

The demat account is the custodian of your shares and other securities. Just as you hold cash in your bank account, you hold shares in your demat account. The advantage of the demat account is that buying and selling of shares become a lot simpler. Additionally, corporate actions like bonuses, splits and dividends are automatically credited to your demat account and your bank account respectively. SEBI has recently permitted online demat account opening and LKP Securities offers you the facility of opening the demat account online…

Why to open a demat account at LKP Securities…

The advantage of opening the demat account with LKP is that you can actually get a free demat account in the real sense of the term. There are various charges entailed in a demat account like account opening charges, annual maintenance charges, debit charges, power of attorney charges etc. Most brokers offer you free demat account opening but the AMC will be charged. At LKP Securities you can actually open a demat account with zero account maintenance charges and zero annual maintenance charges (AMC). That is why online demat account opening and maintenance at LKP Securities is free in the real sense of the term. The moral of the story is that at LKP Securities you get a full-service demat account at less than the price of a basic-service demat account.

The process of online demat account opening…

If you have a PAN and an Aadhar card then the entire process of demat account can be done online. The demat account opening process begins with authenticating yourself using your Aadhar Card. Ensure that your Aadhar card is mapped to your PAN card and that your name is exactly matching in the PAN card and the Aadhar Card. Also you need to ensure that your address details are updated in your Aadhar Card as that will be used as your proof of address. The system of demat account opening accesses your Aadhar data and authenticates you online. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes if all your documents are in place. You will be sent a One-Time-Password (OTP) to verify yourself and based on this OTP your demat account will be opened.

Need for in person verification (IPV)…

The last step in the online demat account opening is an in-person verification (IVP). For unlimited use of your demat account it is always advisable to get your IPV done. You can do it through any of the branches or authorized centres of LKP Securities. Once the IPV is done your verification process is completed. After than you will be required to execute a physical power of attorney (POA) agreement with LKP Securities which will make your entire process of moving shares in and out of the demat account totally seamless. The online demat account opening is a major step forward. At LKP Securities, it is not only cost effective due to our commitment to keep the account cost-free, but also crunches account opening time and execution complexity.